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I have a lot to offer.


I have both software and web programming experience, making me a versatile programmer.

Web Development

I have a degree in Mass Communication with a specialty in Internet Publication and Socia Media, and I graduated from Nashville Software School.

Web Security

I have a background in data security, and can avoid many of the security pitfalls developers make when coding.


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What is Human Centric Development?

The Internet is About People

  • Gathering Information

    "Data data data! I cannot build bricks without clay!" -Sherlock Holmes

    Who is the end user? That's the first question I ask. What are their biggest barriers to access? What do we need to do so that they can more easily access the website? Believe it or not, there are still areas of the United States that use dialup. Some families don't have access to a home computer. All their computing is done on a smart phone. If I'm building a site, they need consideration too. This can range from issues regarding technology, to issues regarding disabilities, access, and even life circumstances.

  • 508 Compliance

    "My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible." -Stella Young

    What is 508 compliance and why do you care? 508 compliance is disability accessibility. This can be built in as you go, with little to no additional cost or effort. Even better, it improves your site for more than just those with accessibility concerns. Proper 508 compliance improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and makes the site easier for everyone to use. To learn more about 508 compliance, check out my favorite reference, Accessibility Handbook by Katie Cunningham.

  • Choose Technologies

    "Accessibility is about tapping into everyone's potential" -Debra Ruh

    Once we've figured out what the barriers to access are, we need to code with those barriers in mind. If I'm going to be targeting users who don't have access to high speed internet, I need to be sure I'm not using a framework that has to make a server call every time I want to do something. I'll need to stick with a lightweight language. Likewise, if I'm building a company based site that we know will only be accessed from company offices, we can use a more robust framework that can make all the server calls we need. It's about going beyond "company policy" and considering the user first.

  • User Experience

    "If you don’t talk to your customers, how will you know how to talk to your customers?" -Will Evans

    User Experience (UX) is the unsung hero of human centric development. Done properly, a website can be designed from the design phase to the code phase with only the user's enjoyment as the end goal. Once a site is built, you have to keep asking the users what they need, and what they want to change about the current site. The user's needs are only known by one group: The users. If you've buried an important link four pages deep in the site, they'll tell you. If the site loads too slowly, they'll let you know. Without this important information, what are you even building a site for? What do your users want? What can you do for them?

  • People

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